What Can MCPatron do for You?

Whitelist Management

MCPatron seemlessly connects patreon with player's minecraft user accounts, allowing you to easilly keep track of players on your server.

Player Management
Manage Moderators

Warning Managment

Keeping up with player issues on a server can be a tough job! Let MCPatron help you and your moderators keep track of warnings and keep notes on what players have been up to on the server.

Whitelist Automation

You and your admins and moderators can log into MCPatron and download a perfectly formated whitelist.json file to upload to your server folder.

However, in the future, MCPatron will come with an API that will allow you to create your own software to fetch the whitelist automatically.

Automated Whitelist

Coming Soon

Event Management: Have an event or competition coming up? Have your patrons sign up for the event with ease!

Polls: Using strawpoll to have your players vote on issues can be problematic! MCPatron will ensure that each player gets one, and only one, vote!